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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Girls Clothes For Sale:

All items are gently worn unless otherwise noted. These prices do NOT include shipping. However, I will give a discount for purchasing multiple items so the shipping will be determined after that. :)

Crewcuts *Horse* Top, size 6-7 large, $6

Crewcuts Oxford Shirt, size 6-7 large, $4

Crewcuts Pinstripe Dress with sash/belt, size 6-7 large, $10

Crewcuts *Horse* Critter Cord Skirt, size 6, $10 ~SOLD!

Crewcuts Critter Denim, size 6, $12 ~SOLD!

Crewcuts Equestrian Tee (brown), size 6-7 large, $8 ~SOLD!

Crewcuts Equestrian Tee (yellow), size 6-7 large, $8

Crewcuts *Florida* Tee (green), size L (6-7), $5

Crewcuts *California* Tee (pink), size L (6-7), $5 ~SOLD!

Crewcuts *Whale* Critter Tee (navy), size L (6-7) $6 ~SOLD!

Crewcuts *Elephant* Critter Tee (yellow), size L (6-7), $6 ~SOLD!

Crewcuts Tiered-Ruffle Skirt, size L (6-7), $6

Gap BNWT Medallion Top (light blue), size S (6-7), $6 ~SOLD!

Gap Medallion Top (orange print), size S (6-7), $5

Gymboree Floral Top, size 5, $5

Crewcuts Applique Anchor Tee, size L (6-7), $7 ~SOLD!

Crewcuts Polk-A-Dot Tee, size L (6-7), $5 ~SOLD!

*these go great with the shorts, skirt, and sweater below.

Mini Boden Striped Skirt, size 5-6Y, $10 ~SOLD!

Mini Boden Cow Print Cord Skirt (with sash/belt), size 5-6Y, $10 ~SOLD!

Gap Flower Ruffle Skirt, size 5 years, $6

Mini Boden Chicken Tee, Spotted Tee and Spotted Skirt Set,
tops- size 9-10Y; skirt size 7-8Y, $15 for the set

Mini Boden Tee (heather green), size 7-8Y, $5

Mini Boden Striped Tights (2 pair), size 7-8 (fit like 5-6), $6 for the pair ~SOLD!


  1. So many adorable clothes, I just wish my daughter wasn't 15!

  2. Thanks Kathy! :)

    I know what you mean, my daughter is 7 1/2 and my son is almost 5 already- they grow WAY too fast! ;)

    Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  3. Cute stuff!!! What a great idea! My girls are to big for this now.

  4. I just found your blog. I was sad to miss the chance to buy such adorable clothes - they are the perfect size for my little girl. Will you be posting more?

  5. Hi Carie! :)
    Yes, I will be posting a TON more!! I'm hoping to get them loaded by this weekend {fingers crossed} so keep watchin'! ;)

  6. Carie, I just wanted to let you know that I posted 2 more post of girls clothes!!!! :)

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